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Good Vibes

Community building is our priority, and it is vital to continuously engage, grow and protect fellow Ions for long-term brand building.

Full-time moderation team(Seeking)

A great community needs an excellent moderation team. The mod team will be filled with people with great personalities, effective communicators, and creative thinkers.

Engaging spaces(Executing)

At Imaginary Ones, your fellow ions are like your second family. #ionsfollowions and #ionssupportions forever! We aim to foster a closely-knitted community that can rub our expertise off one another and lift each other up to greater heights.


Imaginary Ones Collection ∙ 
Imaginary Ones Collection ∙ 

Imaginary Values?

Find Your Spark

Do what brings you joy. A happy person is the most creative. A genuine smile is the most contagious.

Good Vibes Only

Community building is our priority. Send love, share ideas and make the world a better place.

Dream Big

Make your wildest imaginations come true.
Aim for the moon and enjoy the stars.





Co-founder of Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
Biz / Strategist

Gentle Whale


Co-founder of Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
Artist / Partnerships

Nine Foot Table


Managing Partner of Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
PM / Community



Operations Director of Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
Tech / Contracts

Mighty Mousey


Chief Tech Officer of Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO


We have been entrepreneurs and 3D motion artists for over a decade. Our notable clients are Nike, Apple, Samsung, Heineken, Spotify, and L'oreal.

You can find OFFSET's portfolio here.
You can visit OFFEO's website here.

Imaginary Ones Collection ∙