Creation Myth

The Imaginary Ones

In an age long forgotten...

It was said that The Artisan traveled the cosmos searching for the best raw substances to create its finest work yet
- Its final masterpiece.

After many eons, The Artisan chanced upon a unique substance we now know as Bubblelite.

The Artisan poured itself into creating the first of the Imaginary Ones, mixing and matching the materials and colors with the Bubblelite.

In the current day, The Imaginary Ones have built a vibrant, technologically advanced world. One of bright inventions and innovation.

If you are one of the lucky few to have an IO as a companion, it is up to you to help shape this reality.

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Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D art with an initial drop of 8888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum network. The project believes in using art to spread love, positivity, and creativity.

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