Where dreams come true

Phase 01 - Completed!

The Idea

Ideate. Design. Community-Building.

The project sparked from a single moment of inspiration. With some imagination and work, it started to take shape.

With 8888 unique NFTs, their walks mark the first step of IOs penetrating the scene.

Phase 02 - Completed!

The Foundation

Hire. Experiment. Build.

Building dreams require the right people and tools. We will look to hire the best talents in the space that shares our vision.

Together with the community, we will experiment, collaborate and steer IO towards the limitless potential of Web3.

Phase 03 - Completed!

The Movement

Strap up. Ignite. Engage.

Watch out for the Imaginary Rides, “Vroom, Vroom!”. When there are multiple universes, it’s essential to have some transport.

Join us as we introduce the first bubble of the Imaginary World.

Phase 04 - We're Here!

The Imaginary World

Utility. Coins. Development.

Welcome to the Imaginary World, where we start to work, play, and learn together.

Introduction of IO tokenomics. Holders can expect multiple use cases.

Phase 05

The Expansion

Experience. Breakthrough. Soar.

We welcome the world into our ecosystem.

The Imaginary World continues to expand. Explore Imaginary Lands and Companions that provide additional utility.